The Rise of the Super Drone

The Rise of the Super Drone

May 01, 2018

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it superman? No…it’s a drone!

Unless you’ve spent the last decade living under ground with a tin foil hat, we’re sure you would have heard all the buzz surrounding drones lately (pun intended). But why all the hype? Are drones really that amazing? Or are they just glorified toy helicopters?

Well, we don’t want to brag but here at Universal Drones we’re drone experts (so obviously we think the answer to that last question is a loud, resounding “Of course not!”) and we’d like to help you understand this innovative new technology and how it’s changing the world as we know it.

So why are drones really taking off?

Well, it all comes back to their incredible versatility. We’re sure you’ve heard about drones that can deliver packages or pizzas, or even pick up a snag from a Bunnings’ sausage sizzle whilst you sit in the comfort of your backyard spa (true story!), but drone capabilities have gone so much further than just creating fancy delivery robots.

Drones are making things that we once thought impossible, inaccessible, or too dangerous suddenly very possible. Whether it’s getting that Bird’s Eye shot for a film that once would have taken cranes and helicopters and cost a whopping $50,000, or helping your real estate agent get the perfect, all-encompassing photo of your two-acre property, drones are proving that they can save us time, money, and risks across the board.


And although photography is one of the largest industries where drones are utilised, it certainly isn’t the only one benefitting from this technological advance. Drones have also made leaps and bounds in the agriculture where specialised drones can now replace planes and helicopters when it comes to spraying crops, crop and animal inspections, checking waters levels and so many more tasks that would have either cost farmers a lot of money to do with a manned aircraft or taken a lot of man hours to do by foot, horse, or ute.

But surely there are still industries where drones are redundant! What about construction? A drone can’t pick up a tool and get to work? Well, no (not yet, anyway) but it can monitor work sites from above, keep an eye (or camera) on any emerging WHS risks, watch out for stock pile shortages and under-utilised equipment, be a second set of eyes for a crane operator, or use thermal imaging to catch air or waters leaks and expose defects in insulation or plumbing.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many more areas being revolutionised by drone technologies: think security, defence, mining, sports, tourism, environmental disaster relief, the oil and gas industry and a range of others just as wide and diverse.

So in answer to our own rhetorical question, yes! Drones really are that amazing and they’re definitely worth the hype!

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