Disaster Support

In the event of a disaster regardless of size or location, resources need to be allocated appropriately. Aerial platforms are able to cover areas in a quicker rate, support decision making for detailed search and/or confirm risk without putting any persons in harm’s way.

Further to this, with the implementation of Drones in support of disaster support we are able to conduct:

  • Route access including, flood damage, bridge pass ability, landslide, drainage, etc.
  • Damage Assessment – structural to buildings for insurance purposes, fire damage, etc.
  • Emergency Support – swift water rescue, transporting essential equipment e.g., 2 way radios, batteries, life jackets, etc.
  • Impact – investigation support

Universal Drones staff have over 20+ years experience in disasters from earthquakes in Haiti and Christchurch to Cyclone support in North Queensland and flood assistance in SE Queensland. With our combined experience and knowledge we are able to support at any level of demand.