Drone School 


We provide a range of training , advice, and hands on experience with simulations or in our indoor flying area, (outdoor flying area coming soon!)

What we do

  • Offer solutions to clients through drone knowledge
  • Conduct training for CASA accredited courses (RePL 2-7kg, RePL 7-25kg, AROC)
  • Give advice where you can and cannot fly (IAW Aviation law, CASA regulations, ATSB, Local Council, etc)
  • STEM Programs
  • Customize packages for clients

Indoor Safe Flying Area

  • Protection netted area
  • Rubber floor to reduce impact
  • 8m high ceiling
  • Industrial lighting creating no shadows
  • Area is good to have students fly drone before intruding to the outdoor elements
  • Offer every day flying not controlled by weather

Simulator Room

  • Custom built simulator room with 6 simulators available
  • Each simulator has controllers, keyboard and mouse
  • Each simulator has a headphone system that facilitator can talk to individual students or as a group without disturbing the activity
  • Hi-res screens in an ergonomic layout
  • Large screen in room where facilitator can teach directly to members on simulator or move screens onto for individual training
  • The room is dimmer light controller to allow FVP operations
  • Room is Insulated and air conditioned


One on One Training Sessions: $60 for 1 hour

Group (min: 6 people) Training Sessions: $65 for 3 Hours / Per person 

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