News / Media / Advertising

The ability to get the right shot at the right time is the key to journalism. Having the ability to use a drone on assignment or key news or events will allow greater background and more so impact of the receiver.

Universal Drones are a mobile company and have to ability to support media companies with investigations, file footage, live footage, and event footage. further to this it adds an element of dimension and awareness from having a fixed camera position with only one prospective image where a Drone is able to move around, get to places that are hard to reach and capture not only in still but video at HD levels.

With the close proximity in which news is reported from high risk areas, or the need for capturing challenging angles over changing terrains whilst maintaining tight cost controls, more and more TV, film and online media will rely on technology that only ultra high-performance cameras built into Drones can offer.

With reduced set up times, better access and capturing angles & perspective that surpasses current and costly methods, Universal Drones are a safer, cost effective, company that is able to work with you.