Rural Australia is our back yard. The use of drones in this sector has changed the way a lot of farmers and communities tackle issues which in the past took a lot of man hours, horses, dogs, tractors etc. to conduct.

Drones are able to conduct activities from:

  • Bore Checks
  • Checking on the pregnant livestock, keep a close eye on sick, distressed, injured and escaped animals
  • Water level checks at dams, aqueducts, water troughs and upstream river supply
  • Fence check after a storm in conjunction with livestock locations
  • Feral Pest monitoring from pigs, camel to kangaroo and livestock killers – Feral dogs/cats
  • Livestock check for sheering sheep to cattle herding including conditioning, numbers and locations prior to muster which will eradicate time in the search for animals
  • Tracking animals, scare off unwanted animals or thief’s

Universal Drones has a love of the land and are specialised in Regional and Rural work, not afraid to get their hands dirty, swat a few flies and even sleep in a swag. Having a love and respect for the bush allows us to understand, interpret and respect it.

We are working on technology that will assist the agriculture farmer with thermal imagery crop monitoring, spraying and sampling taking from water areas (middle of dams).



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