With the ability to move to locations with minimal interference, the employment of Drones in security has reduced risk associated with surprise Potentional confrontation. Drones are able to support many activities and roles in security. Universal Drones has over 26 years experience in domestic and international security from home grown security activities to high risk securities at an international level in adverse conditions. We at Universal Drones are here to support your activity by supporting security requirements, adding another layer of protection.

Key points of employing Drones in security are as follows:

  • Key Point Security / Vital Asset Protection: on-site safety supported by drones equipped with high-definition cameras take snapshots and forward them to officers using portable consoles up to half a kilometre away. This extends to drone with cameras are being used to assess and monitor accidents, to provide information during search and rescue situations, and to gather information about mobility equipment from vehicle to vessels with sensitive cargos.
  • Event protection: Drones are able to be used at events in order to provide air surveillance over high traffic areas, the drone can be used to track crowds and report any sign of disturbance. The goal of using aerial drones during crowded events is to stifle unrest before it even becomes an issue. While recording events from high above and gathering vast amounts of data, the drones live data capture helping secure locations much faster than a regular camera would have.
  • Crowd control: a Drone is capable of capturing data as it is occurring. this would give better control over an incident where 2 dimension is not safe. With a drone in the air over an event, depth of activities are about to be captured, activities and individuals are able to be photographed and guidance to ground security members are able to be planned and conducted in a safe manner.
  • Remote surveillance: Ground cameras, no matter how high-tech, are still limited by their design. If an intruder steps out of a camera’s field of vision, the camera essentially becomes useless. This isn’t the case with drones. The drone is able to monitor the activity from a safe distance and capture by still imagery and video of the activity which can be used by authorities. running from a person is tiring, but running from a drone is breathless. Just knowing this equipment is used at a facility or area is enough of a deterrent.
  • Remote reconnaissance: Drones can be used to ensure the safety of a location before even reaching it. By dispatching a drone prior to arrival, we will be able to record footage of the destination and make sure there’s nothing afoot. And they’re flexible, too.
  • Personnel security: Drones can offer the ability of pre-empt activities, route movement and the ability to ensure areas are safe for whatever is required. The drone is able to allow planning and change of situations to be monitored and live footage gives effective solutions to security.