Special Events

Aerial photography and aerial video can capture action events like never before. While action cameras like the GoPro can take amazing photos and videos, they are limited to what can be seen from the ground. Our aerial drones use professional equipment capable of capturing at 4K quality. By having access to areas not achievable on the ground allows the ability to capture amazing ultra-high definition video and photos from angles and places an action camera can only dream of going.

Previously, live high definition aerial images were not considered for covering live sport events even because of the exorbitant costs, and laborious procedures.

With drone technology sharing the excitement of real-time action with capture audiences has never been easier. by using drones and a high-performance transmitter, capturing high definition aerial images makes it possible to share evocative top-shot and rolling footage that enable your audience to experience another dimension of your event.

Universal Drones are able to tailor packages as memorable gifts for your guests, merchandise for attendees or promotional marketing for the future:

  • Trade Shows, events, gatherings
  • Water Sports – Sailing, Water Skiing, Surfing, triathlons
  • Motor Sports – Drag Racing, rallies, off road adventure
  • Polo, Camp Drafting, Horse Cutting, cross country riding
  • Obstacles courses, endurance events, reality training (emergency to sporting groups)
  • Corporate events
  • Weddings