Sporting and Recreation

Being Australian, we love our sports and recreation. From football (regardless of codes), cricket, motor sports, horse events, water sports or even a hit of golf, without the use of a drone are you partaking at your best? Universal Drones are able to support your team, activity or even yourself to enhance its ability.

With the employment of a drone the following is able to be achieved:

  • Conducting set play in your team to see where holes, weaknesses and strengths lie including who is working at capacity and who is not. Is the Scrum straight, is the backline running straight, is the defence pattern plugging all holes? do counter measures actually work?
  • Is bowling and batting position changing as different styles of deliveries are coming in? are you giving your competitor an advantage knowing this? Is fatigue in field placement and changes best managed?
  • What is your vehicle doing from the outside as you go around the track, drift or even jump over the mounds?
  • Is your horse running upright, does your movement counteract the horse, does the horse act certain ways at certain times but not sure why because you cannot see it?

Is there an event that is held over a distance that needs to be observed from different angles, water, land and road events. Cross country events, endurance events or even solo activities, we are here to assist you.